Fake picture for property advert?

This week, an Australian Real Estate Company is battling with the accusation that the picture of a property being advertised did not accurately depict the reality on ground.


How much does picture help in Real Estate  sales or letting? Having a picture on advertisement or sending the picture to a prospective buyer/Lessee does has a lot of advantages.

Among other things, It travels farther than word of mouth, Clients can have a virtual tour (especially when you have internal pictures as well as other views). It also saves you unnecessary journeys, in the name of inspection. Clients would have had a virtual tour of the said property and determine if they are interested or otherwise. Hence, if you will ever go for a joint inspection, it would have been invoked from the interest of the Client. The advantages are more.

Now imagine if you do not portray the true picture of the said property or you modify the real thing to make it more attractive. What are the consequences?

Ever had a deceptive experience like this, please share.


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