Decorating Small Living Rooms

The living room is an entry point to the house and it also reflects nature of people who stay in that house. A living room should be welcoming and pleasant. If space is a limiting factor in the decoration work that one wants to carry out, it becomes important to plan properly. With the right decorating choices, small living rooms can be clean, organized and highly functional. Opt for a color scheme that will unite your walls and furnishings in a single neutral palette. Select furniture that fits a small space and still provides ample storage. It is important to avoid excess clutter, limit unnecessary accessories, and making the room appear pleasant is the key. Decorating small living rooms should take into account these factors.

Start with the wall color. Many times people are so focused on what furniture will fit in the room that the best resource for breaking up the space and creating greater design interest is overlooked – the walls. Wall space is the largest surface area of any room, so you want to pay extra attention to how you decorate it and use the space as a design tool. For a color scheme, choose a color scheme in pale, neutral colors to give a small space a larger, more open feel. Repeat an accent color or pattern in a few places in the room to create the feel of continuity. Rely on small objects or accessories to supply flashes of bright colors. Use neutral colors to draw attention away from larger objects. For the furniture, keep furniture to a minimum. Your small elegant living room should have one major piece of furniture, and the rest should be on a smaller scale. For example, you can use one full-sized sofa and pair it with simple wooden chairs and small simple tables. By having one substantial piece of furniture, your room seems more put together. By having the other pieces be smaller and lighter, you avoid overcrowding the room. Then about the curtain, hang curtains near the ceiling. Choose curtains that stretch to the floor, and hang them higher than the top of the window. Four to six inches higher is a good height. Curtains that stretch from the ceiling to floor create the illusion of height and space in a small room.

Then, keep window treatments light. When working with a small room, you will want to let as much natural light in as usual. For this reason, the best window treatment is translucent shades and a simple swag window treatment or topper. Don’t forget about the mirror. se mirrors to make your small living appear larger. While mirrors can make a space appear more expansive, you should avoid hanging too many mirrors in your living room. One mirror with an elegant frame hung in place of painted art is sufficient. For an elegant touch, you may want to go for mirrored tables and accessories instead. For the storage, In a small space, televisions and electronics can quickly overwhelm and clutter up the area. Streamline the look of your room by enclosing your television, game systems and DVDs in an armoire or television cabinet with doors that can be closed off when not in use. Look for a piece that isn’t too big or bulky. For even more of a streamlined look, paint the cabinet the same color as your wall so that it smoothly blends into its surroundings.

Hope some ideas of decorating small living room mentioned above will help you to making your small living room look larger and more beautiful. Try implementing these ideas and have a lovely looking living room. Remember the key to decorate small living room is not to block it up with unnecessary items. Good luck!





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