News has it in Malaysia, of several Citizens renouncing their Citizenship. This happens  immediately they obtain Citizenship from other Countries. It was reported that for the past 10 years, over 56,000 Malaysian Citizens resign their Citizenship as soon as they have an alternative. I have had the opportunity to visit Malaysia, and spoke with its Citizens and admire the kind of leadership, economy and people-attitude amongst other things.

Coming home to Nigeria, with the so much hardship; all erupting at the same time. Worst of all, food which ordinarily should be a basic necessity, is even scarce. Continue reading “CITIZENSHIP: HOW PROUD AM I, TO BE A NIGERIAN?”


Bottled Instinct: Vaginal Beer


Imagine you fantasize about a Celebrity (female), and you now have the ‘privilege’ of tasting her ‘womanliness’, from a commercial beer.

Polish company to brew beer from Czech model’s vagina bacteria

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10 Profound Ways The World Will Change In Your Lifetime


Society and culture can change beyond recognition in a lifetime—people withcriminal convictions for homosexuality are today seeing gay marriage become legal. A bunch of you are reading this on a multifunctional device that would outperform any supercomputer from 20 years ago, and when you’re finished, you’ll put it in your pocket Continue reading “10 Profound Ways The World Will Change In Your Lifetime”