Skyscrapers are boring

Ole_Scheeren_CCTV-by-Rem-Koolhaas-and-Ole-Scheeren-©-OMA-01_Photo-by-Iwan-BaanOne architect against the tyranny of the tower

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$6 Billion Floating City “Freedom”

$6 Billion Floating City “Freedom” to Dwarf World’s Largest Ships Ever Built



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How Mega-cities can change the maps of the World

The city of lagos in Nigeria has joined the cities which have become “mega”. A megacity is usually defined as a metropolitan area with a total population in excess of ten million people. Lagos surpassed Cairo in size in 2012 to become the largest city of Africa. The population was estimated at just 11.2 million in 2011 by the United Nations. It is estimated to accomodate approximately 18 million people. Continue reading “How Mega-cities can change the maps of the World”