FOR J.A.A (A Tribute)


“ojo k’okandinlogun, osu keta”


16 years ago

You were 63

You were responding to treatment

It was hope-returning.


Few days prior

We did not see the horror

That you will be no more

But we remember you today the more


A day before that day,

You were smiling with us,

Although you didn’t talk much to us,

We were told you will be going home with us.


You had taken pounded yam

After years of erratic appetite

The fresheness of your skin was unprecedented

Your complexion was back alive


I remember my first experience of breath resuscitation with gas.

I was giving you water, when the gulp stopped and the water passed

I was wondering how you suddenly could drink without gulping.

You suddenly had started  fighting for breath.


It was about 5.00pm

I saw you go into Coma after a quiet scream

Your stare; was unblinking

The Oxygen cylinder; serving


We asked the doctor in charge if there was hope

He was diplomatic with his response

I stayed back with hope

I slept at the reception with Granmo


We waited at the corridor,

Bodies being transported to the Morgue,

Made us leave the spot

As we could not be sure if yours would come


We slept at the emergency ward

The only place visitors could stay overnight

It was another revealing experience

Human death happens everyday


We woke up early

To resume at your bedside

You still had the Nose mask

Your eyes still stared at the soffit.


A few hours later

It was confirmed

You had moved on

To a better place


Today Marks 16 years exactly

I am yet to shed tears for your passage

Even not when you were laid to rest

I will never shed tears.


I celebrate your legacy

I remember you every blessed day.

I celebrate your legacy

Your candle burned out long before your legend ever will.


We will never shed a tear, but for joy


Tribute to Joshua Akinwande Akinyemi (still living in our hearts)



One thought on “FOR J.A.A (A Tribute)

  1. To God be the glory. I thank God for the life papa mi. We love you but God loves you more. Sleep on, Sleep On And Continue To Rest In Peace
    Bolanle Olabisi e ni ooo

    spoken well, as if he is reading it himself


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